Our Paoli showroom features hundreds of samples in a broad array of finishes.

Online images of finishes are not the best at showing the true appearance or the various color tones.   Come see for yourself.  We might not have the exact style/finish combination on hand, but we will have both the style and the finish for you to see and feel.

Hardware makers offer several types of finishes:

Living – These finishes are not coated with a protective lacquer.  The surface finish will evolve with time and use. Your hands will wear away the patina and expose the base metal.  You create the true finish and make the hardware uniquely your own. All bronzes and many brass finishes are available as living finishes.

Lacquered –  The applied matte or gloss lacquer will provide years of durable protection, maintaining the original finish appearance.

Plated –  Metal plated on brass, such as bright or satin chrome, or base metal finishes such as satin or polished stainless steel.  There is no lacquer, and you touch the actual metal plating or steel.

Lifetime – Most lifetime finishes use a plasma-applied PVD coating.  This bonds a hard metal layer to brass, or to stainless.  The guarantee of performance applies to the original purchaser of the hardware.

One note:  Living finishes carry no finish warranty, as they are designed to evolve with time and use.

  • Brass makers have the broadest finish palette , with typically more than 20 finishes across their lines.
  • Bronze makers are more focused, with 10 or fewer finish options.
  • Stainless steel makers are also beginning to add to their satin or polished finish palette by branching into black and brown coatings

Many brass finishes feature a protective  matte or gloss lacquer.  While preserving  the original finish appearance, lacquer can add a sheen to the hardware surface.

All bronze finishes are living – no lacquer.  Time and use will add character and presence to the hardware finish, creating a touch point in the home that is distinct and highly personal.

Brass is recognizing this trend.  Manufacturers are now producing living variations of standard finishes.  No lacquer  imparts a deeper tone and richness, revitalizing what was once common and adding life to more traditional offerings.

We have many of these finishes on display.  Stop by our showroom and see for yourself.