Main Line Architectural Hardware Company

was founded to offer fine architectural hardware to the design professional, builder, remodeler, and the discerning homeowner. We are professionally affiliated and our mission is simple: Great Customer Service. Give us a chance and we'll do our best to make you and your clients – our clients for life.

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Custom hardware

We can produce custom designs from your architect’s rendering, or from a sample you provide. Base metals are typically brass, bronze, stainless steel, or iron and production processes range from sand casting to hot forging. The final product can typically be finished to suit your taste.

Please be aware: Custom product is more expensive that standard, off-the-shelf hardware.  Design review is necessary to ensure that your custom pieces can be produced as drawn.  There is also an additional charge to make the tool that creates your custom piece. Completing these steps extends the lead time for custom pieces.

Anything is possible. If you can dream it, it can be made. Call us. We would be happy to review your custom door, cabinet, or accessory hardware design and provide a quote.



At times, an old, cherished hardware design will wear out. Often, it is no longer made, so an additional piece cannot be easily found or purchased.We can take that original piece and reproduce it in the same base material and finish. We can also reproduce it such that it will work with modern locking mechanisms – residential or commercial. Call us and we can review the piece to determine the best approach.


We can help with re-finishing your old hardware as well. We can’t promise the moon, as some old hardware is steel, not brass (a magnet will tell). Steel presents a challenge, as rust eats through the steel substrate, and removing rust can lead to holes, and a ruined piece. If it is brass, bronze, iron, or steel, we are happy to have a look and tell you what can be done to preserve your hardware. Give us a call.